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About me
Welcome to my gallery. My name is Rebecca and I live in Washington, IL. About 5 years ago at the tender age of 25 I faced a crossroad in my life and realized that I had to finally decide what I wanted to be when "I grew up".

Having had my first child at 16 in my junior year of highschool I have always said that while other kids my age concentrated on getting a driving license and on what college they where going to, I focused on diapers, 3 am feedings and not lactating on my prom dress! I am proud to say that even though it was rough, at 31 years young (thank you very much) I have an amazing daughter who will start her sophmore year of highschool this year! I am also a mom to a fantastic 9 year old and after getting married 5 years ago this month, I became a step-mom to 2 amazing kids , a boy who is now 13 and a girl who is now 15 (3 months my daughters junior). While it has been a wild and often eye opening ride over the last decade the primary lesson I've learned is that despite whatever odds one may have, be it out of their control or of their own making, the ultimate goal in life is to have a passion and drive for something.

Fortunately after many years of floundering and trying to beat becoming a statistic, I found my passion. I realized a few years ago that whenever I saw a photo I was not necessarily just seeing the image but thinking about what that image might look like on a shirt, a poster, a magazine page. Over the years I purchased book after book (well my husband has, hehe, starving artist and all) on design and retouching and like the tortoise from the fable, slowly and with determination, I've been teaching myself how take what was in my head and make it into what you see in these galleries.

This is my first effort at showcasing, or attempting to sell any of my work. Everything you see here are the result of those images "talking" and me trying to help them find their voice. If you've read this far, then thank you. It's long but hopefully not too boring! I hope you enjoy these galleries and that you will "hear" the call of one of the prints represented here.


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